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Free Range Opera Theater - or 'FROTH" - was founded in 2011 by a group of individuals - Cara Arellano, Marc Kenig, and Neil Midkiff - who are passionate about vintage music and theater, and actively collaborates with organizations around the world in order to bring revivals to the San Francisco Bay Area.


We now research and produce a lost or historical, piece of musical theater and at the same time know our theatrical efforts are contributing to the greater good.


Everybody can participate! We are a 100% volunteer-run organization!


  • Work on costuming? You are helping create art, delighting audiences by embellishing our shows AND helping to fund a local charity. Thank you!


  • Sing in a show? You are helping create art, learn and share beautiful music, AND are helping to fund a local charity. Thank you!


  • Come see the show? You'll are supporting local theater, AND helping to fund a local charity. Thank you!


  • Donate? You'll be supporting art, preserving our musical heritage, and helping us to continue helping local charities. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


"Wait a minute!", we hear you saying, "How do you pay for everything else?"


Well, since you asked.... We try to get our supporters to help out with incentive programs like Amazon Smile, and we have these other shows that aren't full operettas and musicals.  We do revue shows, or vaudeville type shows, or gala shows, or concertsand other fundraising events.


We also ask for monetary donations, of course..


We have a lot of goals for the organization.  Some are to contribute in other ways, like with in-school arts education programs, or an archive, or a real space with a small venue, and an educational museum, where schools or groups could come to get an education about our musical heritage.  Good stuff, right? We think so too!


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