Future plans

Short Term Immediate Plans (All in the works!)
  • Get a couple more excellent board members.
  • Policies and Procedures - Get some more actually written.
  • Binder - Put the Policies and Procedure in one. 
  • Collect interested parties for singing and support.
  • Produce our first "Friendraiser".  January 19, 2012! (In went exceedingly well.)

Intermediate Goals (Some in the works!)

  • Irene - Produce and stage. (We're on that...)
  • Vaudeville - Produce and stage. (Coming in 2014)
  • Interns - Get some.
  • The Emerald Isle - Consider it!
  • Link Operetta Organizations - So we can get working to educate the masses! 
Big Cluckin' Goals
  • Professionally produced recordings of Florodora and other operettas
  • Perform Lost Operetta at Buxton/Edinburgh Fringe
  • Our own theater, housed inside the International Operetta Museum.
  • Touring - Operetta "By The Bucket".
  • International Operetta Conference
  • Operetta Archive and clearing house available for public use.
  • Funded In-School Education Program


Do you have additional suggestions?

Wanna get involved and back it up?

email CharlieChicken@freerangeopera.com